Service From Us

The services we can supply at this stage are:

  • Garment Decoration (T-shirt printing/garment printing, and embroidery)
  • Bulk order supply on Blank/Plain Garments (including head wear, bags, etc.)

1. Garment Decoration

Besides DTG print. We also supply other garment decoration services.

The garment decoration method we provide are:

  • 1. DTG Printing

  • 2. Embroidery Service

  • 3. Digital Transfer

  • 4. Screen Printing

Later, we will show more information about those decoration methods.

Also, we can supply more garments than the ones on our website in Winning spirit, Benchmark, Australian Industrial Wear, AScolours, Gildan Brands, Alstyle, American Apparel, Comfort Colors, etc.

Of course, you can bring your own garment to do the decoration, but there are conditions applied. Details will be informed in the quote.


2. Blank/Plain Garments Order

If you want to order the blank/plain garments, we can supply to you as well.

The Garments we can supply include T-shits, polo shirts, vests, sweatshirts, singlets, shirts, pants, head wears and etc.. Also, we can supply various bags, backpacks, scarves and towels. The brands are crossing Winning spirit, Benchmark, Australian Industrial Wear, ascolours, Gildanbrands, Alstyle, American Apparel, Comfort Colors, JB's Wear, etc.

*The online catalogues of the those brands are shown below links (click the brand name):

ascoloursWinning spirit, Benchmark, Australian Industrial WearGildanbrandsAlstyleComfort ColorsJB's Wear.


If you have any inquiries about those decoration methods or the blank/plan garments bulk order, please email us via following email address: (we will give you a good price on the bulk orders.)



If you just want to order small quantity of cotton garments with DTG printed design, please click here to check what you can choose from our website.