It's easy to create your unique clothes

7 Steps to Designing like a Pro

STEP 1: Choose a Product from 'Collections'

STEP 2: Click 'Customise It'

STEP 3: Edit Colour

STEP 4: Add Text and/or Graphic

STEP 5: If you want, you can upload your own design

STEP 6: Save

STEP 7: Add to Cart



I already subscribed the email list, but haven't received the monthly coupon email. Why?

The coupon email usually will be sent out to our subscribers at the start of the monthly. For the new subscribers, we will send out the current month coupon code the next couple of days after you subscribe. If you still didn't see the email, please check the junk mail folder of your email.


Is there any setup fee hidden in DTG printing of your website?

No. We didn’t apply any setup costs and no minimum quantity required in DTG printing on our website. Therefore our DTG printing is a great choice for the customer who want print small quantity or even just one-off garments.


The printing size of the image on the T-shirt

The size of the image printed on the T-shirt always confuse us. Which is the best size of the image? Usually we don’t want to print the image too large, otherwise the full image won’t be shown at front body. So we may control the image width as max 10-12 inches by however tall on men’s small to X-large, and max 8-10 inches for women’s small to X-large.


What colour can you print? How detail will be printed?

We are using latest technology the range of colours we can print is more than 16 millions.The precision of print can reach 1200dpi x 1200dpi. So if you want to print photo or detailed images on your T-shirt, we can proudly say ‘Yes!’


How the discount structure is applied?

If you order the same garment of the same colour with the same design, it doesn't matter what size they are, there will be a bulk discount applied. Discount can range from 3% to 20% depending on the quantity. If you are ordering more than 50, please contact us for a higher bulk order discount.


Product Price Explained

Price may vary, even for the same type of garment. Coloured garments generally cost more than white ones.This is simply because printing on coloured fabric is a more complicated process than printing on white. So the final price of your chosen products after design will depend on the type of garment, colour of garment, number of sides being printed and quantity of garment. We always could give you a good price.

If you have any questions or would like a quote, please feel free to contact us.