5 Awesome T-Shirt Design Ideas When Custom Printing

Custom t-shirt designs are one of the most exciting and cost-effective ways to promote your brand and market your company. Custom t-shirt designs are useable across a massive range of applications including brand promotion, business networking, conference, marketing, trade shows, school clothing, new product release and more.

Here are give awesome custom t-shirt designs to get your name out there and your brand noticed.

1. Printed Sleeves

Standard t-shirt designs typically features prints on the front or back panel of the t-shirt. However, printed sleeves provide more canvas for your screen-sprinted designs, as well as offering an eye-catching and aesthetically appealing placement for your screen-printed brand name or logo. Screen printing designs on t-shirt sleeves can run vertical down the sleeves of a long-sleeved shirt or horizontal (i.e. above the hem of a short-sleeved shirt).

2. Along the Spine

Printing downwards along the spine of a custom t-shirt is one of the freshest new screen-printing options. Printing down the spine is sure to attract attention to your company name or logo due to its unique and unusual positioning. Printing down the spine can contain words or letters or even be artistic, featuring a sharp image or pattern design.

3. Vertical Printing

Typical t-shirt printing usually involves words being printed in text block running horizontally from left to right. But did you know how much more you can do with custom printing? You can have vertical printing which runs down the front of a t-shirt, along the spine, down either sleeve or down the sides.

4. Custom Printing Inside T-Shirt

One of the most interesting and unique custom screen-printed designs features graphics printed inside the t-shirt. This allows custom screen-printed t-shirts to became reversible, enhancing the versatility and utility of your custom t-shirt investment. You can even create “masks” with custom t-shirts by printing a face inside the t-shirt and pulling the shirt over the head. This t-shirt design is great because of the way in which you can print a famous athlete’s face on the inside, allowing sports players to celebrate as their favourite sportsman when celebrating victory.

5. Wraparound Print

Screen printing can not only be done on the back and front surfaces of a t-shirt, but can also be printed around the sides as well. This allows for wraparound prints, which are printed in a continuous running design from the back to the front of the t-shirt. This creates a more extensive, flowing design and is incredibly eye-catching.

There are so many great ways to produce an appealing, eye-catching t-shirt design for your brand. Get started today with Createe-Print.