3 Rules to Producing Awesome Company Shirts

Nothing catches the attention better than a well-made shirt. Company t-shirts that look amazing are an amazing reflection on the company itself. Custom t-shirt printing has become an essential element of any company’s marketing campaign, and these three rules are imperative to ensuring your designs are eye-catching and good for business.

1. Understand Your Shirt’s Purpose

You first need to ask yourself why your company needs t-shirts. There are a number of amazing reasons as to why your business might require custom t-shirts. These include:


  - Branding

  - Giveaways

  - Promotional

  - Events

  - Merch

  - Team Unity


The be all and all is that branding and promotional t-shirts are practical ways to get your name around. Promotional products are still a viable marketing option. The t-shirt is the most effective, not only to create brand noticeability but also brand recall.

Regardless of your needs, it’s imperative that your custom design is relevant to your company branding. For events and team unity, it’s essential for you to utilise company colours wherever possible. You want something that’s appealing, clean and easy to look at.

For branding and promotional t-shirts, you need something that grabs the viewer’s attention. The design should always be one that catches the eyes of potential clients/customers.

2. Decide on Budget, Quantity and Timeline

It’s important to define your budget, the quantity of shirts needed and the timeline for production. This ensures that you can meet, if not exceed, your expectations without any problems. This is especially necessary if you are going to bulk order t-shirts.

Custom business shirts can be hard to design. It can be even ore difficult to produce them. Understanding the proper hard details for your business’s t-shirts provides your printing service a healthy amount of time to prepare the order.

Understanding your budget also provides more options and even the possibility of discounts. There are a range of different materials for different company t-shirt designs. The general rule is that the more expensive option provides better colours.

Less expensive options save you money but may not work properly for promotional products. You need to create the right combination for your purpose to work. Design, colour and materials are imperative for people to enjoy the finished product.

3. Pick the Right Graphics for Company T-Shirts

It’s essential to have the right budget for your materials. Materials used are imperative to the standard of the finished product. Some of the printing methods utilised for custom shits include:


  - Direct-to-garment

  - Screen prints

  - Vinyl graphics


If your purpose is to create monochrome colours, screen prints are the most affordable and the most effective. Direct-to-garment prints are incredibly customisable with bright, vibrant hues. They’re a wonderful option for small orders and unity t-shirts.

Vinyl garments are perfect for graphics that stand out, however, you don’t want to over-complicated your company t-shirts.